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On the Petition of David Cheever


Resolve on the Petition of DAVID CHEEVER, Esq˙; passed JULY 3, 1776.

Whereas the late Committee of Supplies did, on the 29th day of March, 1775, give to David Cheever, Esq˙, an order on the Colony Treasurer for the sum of £350, and charged said Cheever for the same, which order said Cheever endorsed and delivered to said Treasurer, in confidence that the Town of Charlestown would immediately pay him the said sum, it being due to the said Treasurer from the Town of Charlestown, as Province Tax, on which the Treasurer gave credit to said Town for that sum; but the Town of Charlestown aforesaid has paid only £31 16s˙ 6d˙ of the same: Therefore,

Resolved, That the Colony Treasurer be, and he hereby is, directed to charge the Town of Charlestown with the sum of £318 6s˙ 6d˙, and call on the Collectors of said Town for that sum; and the Committee appointed to settle the Accounts remaining unsettled on the books of the late Committee of Supplies, &c˙, is hereby directed to credit David Cheever, Esq˙, for that sum, on the books of the late Committee of Supplies.