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Examination of William Brooks


Examination of WILLIAM BEOOKS, a soldier, August 15, 1776.

William Brooks, deserter from the Fanny transport, was one of a new battalion of Rangers to be raised out of a number of loose people, under Captain Stanton; swam over about nine o' clock last night to Bergen Point. They are embarking their men, but there are a good many yet remaining on the Island, and are waiting for about fifty sail, which got separated from the fleet; knew nothing of the crossing of the boats last evening, he being at another part of the Island; two regiments of Light-Horse on the Island has had no fresh provisions since he was there; they had three days' provisions delivered them ready cooked, and kept in their knapsacks; thinks they will come up in a day or two, and will attack Long Island and this place near the same time; thinks they have twenty thousand men on the Island.