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Maryland Council of Safety to Virginia Committee



[No˙ 10.] Annapolis, February 8, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We are much obliged by your favour of the 27th ultimo, and shall most cheerfully co-operate with you in every measure that may contribute to our mutual defence against the invaders of our reciprocal rights, that may be in our power; and shall also be happy in keeping up a constant, intimate correspondence, which our common cause at this time renders necessary.

Our inexperience in naval preparations prevents us, at present, from either approving or disapproving your plan of row-galleys for the protection of Potomack River. We have a ship, which we call The Defence, that mounts twenty-two six-pounders, besides swivels, and will be ready to proceed to her station by the 1st of March. She will cruise in the Bay, and, as occasion may require, proceed up Potomack; and the Captain shall have orders to contribute every thing in his power to the common defence, on all occasions. The powder necessary for this ship, and for fortifications which we are building, will diminish our stock so much as to prevent us from attempting an increase of our marine, till we receive a supply of that necessary article, more than sufficient for our troops and Militia, on whom we chiefly rely for protection; and when this happens we shall advise you of it.

We have adventured very extensively to procure arms and ammunition, but are fearful, from the advices that we have lately received, our endeavours will not be attended with the success we wished, and had reason to hope for.

We are, &c.