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John Brown



STONINGTON, January 31, 1776. — SS.

Personally appeared Mr˙ John Brown, of Fisher' s Island, of lawful age, and (being duly sworn,) testified and saith: That he lived with his father, Mr˙ Benjamin Brown, the year past; and that, in the morning of the 7th of August last, Captain Wallace, of the Ship -Rose, and some other ships-of-war and transports under his command, came to anchor at the west end of said Island; soon after which, Captain Wallace, with a number of armed men, came on shore, and applied to his father for a number of fat cattle and sheep; that Captain Wallace said, if he would let them have them at such price as this deponent and one Colonel Willard should agree for, all was well; but if that did not suit the deponent and his father, he, Wallace, said he would have them notwithstanding; and commanded them immediately to have said stock brought up and yarded; upon which this deponent, with others, (knowing themselves and the stock of said Island to be in the power of said Wallace,) went after the cattle and sheep, and brought them up and yarded them; that this deponent and Colonel Willard valued the eleven hundred sheep and thirty cattle at four hundred and thirty-two pounds fifteen shillings sterling; that the sheep were put on board the transports the 7th of August, and the cattle the day following; and that he expected Captain Wallace would pay his father for said stock, and that this deponent went on board the Spy transport with the account, to receive the money thereon; that when on board, the Captain of the Spy (H˙ Evans) gave him an order on his Excellency General Gage for the amount of said cattle and sheep; and that he received no other consideration whatever, and that no part of said order hath ever been paid. And this deponent further testifieth, that the within account of expense for removing the sheep, cows, &c˙, to the main, and the keeping them, is a true and just account, and that he thinks the damage his father sustained by the removing the stock from said Island (not being permitted to return them again) is as great as it is here estimated


at, and that his father' s damage is daily increasing, both by the expense of keeping the stock and in his not being permitted to feed and improve the Island as usual.


Sworn before me,

NATHANIEL MINOR, Justice of Peace.