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Captain Ezekiel Worthen, Engineer at Piscataqua


Thursday, November 9, 1775.

Voted, That Captain Ezekiel Worthen be and hereby is ordered to pay all due obedience to the orders of this Congress, respecting the business as Engineer, at the Port of Piscataqua.

Voted, That Abraham Drake be Lieutenant-Colonel of the Third Regiment of Militia in this Colony, commanded by Colonel Moulton; that Enoch Page be First Major, and William Prescott be Second Major of said Regiment.

Upon a motion made by Captain Pierce Long, and seconded by Mr˙ Samuel Sherburne, respecting the legality of Gneral Folsom' s holding a seat in this House,

Voted, That the consideration of that matter be not now taken up, nor until there be a fuller House.

Upon reading a Petition of Mark Duty, representing that Joseph Smith and Nehemiah Hadley, both of Wyndham, had, in consequence of a warrant from the Committee of Safety of said Wyndkam, unconstitutionally deprived him of his liberty, for some time, and had taken from him a Cow, and disposed thereof to their own use, and praying relief, &c.:

Voted, That the said Smith and Hadley, and also Peter Merril and Samuel Morrison, all of Wyndham, be notified to appear before this Congress on Saturday, the 11th instant, to answer for their conduct respecting the matters complained of, by reading the complaint and order of Congress to each of them.

Voted, That all those men who have served as Soldiers on the late alarm at Portsmouth (such men being properly inlisted at said Portsmouth) be paid as Soldiers in the Army, except Coats, &c˙, and also all others who went down, and can make it appear that they did duty there at said time, exclusive of those who are under pay in the Continental Army; and that no more Officers be paid as such, than one Captain, one Lieutenant, and one Ensign, to each forty Privates.

Voted, That the Thanks of this Congress be given to those gentlemen that generously laboured on the Batteries and other works at Portsmouth, on the late sudden alarming emergency.

Voted, That all the Votes of Saturday last, respecting electing Delegates or Representatives, and the qualifications of the Electors and elected, and the manner of choosing and sending them, be, and hereby are reconsidered, and made void.

Voted, That the Honourable Meshech Weare, Esq˙, William Whipple, Richard Downing, John Dudley, Timothy Walker, Esq˙, Ebenezer Thompson, Ebenezer Smith, Deacon James Knowles, Wyseman Claggett, Esq˙, Jonathan Martin, and Captain Caleb Page, Samuel Ashley, Benjamin Giles, Esq˙, Israel Morey, Esq˙, and Abel Webster, be a Committee to frame and bring in a plan for the future Representation of the people of this Colony.

Voted, That Captain John Dementi be First Major of the Second Regiment of Militia in this Colony, and Captain Moses Yeaton Second Major.