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Morrisiana, May 7, 1775.

A very extraordinary paper, called a Protest against the proceedings of the Freeholders of the County of Westchester, relative to the election of Deputies for the late Convention, and said to have been subscribed by the several persons whose names are printed with it, was published in Mr˙ Rivington and Gaine' s Gazette a few weeks ago.

By whom this performance, was given to the publick is uncertain; and being as little distinguished by decency as by truth, there is reason to suspect the author' s name will remain a secret.

The falsities contained in this representation are too flagrant to impose upon any person in this Colony; and nothing but the apprehension of its gaining credit in other parts of the world would have induced me to have made it the subject of animadversion.

I shall pass over the many little embellishments with which the author' s fancy has endeavoured to decorate his narrative; nor is it necessary to call in question the reality of that loyal enthusiasm by which it is said those good people were influenced; and I really wish that had been the fact, because when inconsistencies and fooleries result from inebriety or enthusiasm, they merit our pity, and escape indignation and resentment.

Much pains, I confess, were on that day taken to make temporary enthusiasts, and with other more exhilarating spirit than the spirit of loyally.

To give the appearance of dignity to these curious and very orderly protesters, the author has been very mindful to annex every man' s addition to his name, upon a


presumption, perhaps, that it would derive weight from the title of Mayor, Esquire, Captain, Lieutenant, Judge, &c.

But it is not easy to conceive why the publisher should be less civil to the clergy, than to the gentry and commonalty. Samuel Seabury and Luke Babcock, certainly ought not to have been sent into the world floating on a newspaper in that plain way; the one is the "Reverend Mr˙ Samuel Seabury, Rector of the united parishes of East and Westchester, and one of the missionaries for propagating the Gospel (and not politicks) in foreign parts," &c˙, &c. The other is the "Reverend Mr˙ Luke Babcock, who preaches and prays for Mr˙ Philipse and his tenants, at Philipseburgh."

In this formidable catalogue of three hundred and twelve sober and loyal protesters, there are not less than one hundred and seventy, who after the most diligent inquiry, I cannot find have, the least pretensions to a vote; and indeed many of them are lads under age.

Their names are as follows: —

Samuel Seabury,
Luke Babcock,
Bonj˙ Fowler, Esq˙,
Joshua Pell,
Edward Pell,
John Hunt,
Gilbert Horton,
Adrian Liforge,
Moses Williams,
Philip Kelly,
James Hains, Jun˙,
Matthew Hains,
Bartholomew Hains,
John Hains,
Elijah Hains,
Joseph Clark,
Joseph Oakly,
James Mott,
Daniel Purdy,
John Crab,
Izrahiah Whetmore,
Absalom Gidncy,
John Brown,
Jasper Stivers,
Peter McFarthing,
Joshua Purdy, Jun˙,
Hacaliah Purdy, Jun˙,
James Tomkins,
Gilbert Theal,
William Sexen,
Thomas Champenters,
John Champeniers,
Eleazer Hart,
James Hunt,
Joseph Parker,
Joshua Barns,
John Park,
Samuel Purdy,
Gilbert Purdy,
James Chatterton,
Thomas Cromwell,
Solomon Horton,
Nath˙ Underhill, Jun˙,
Philip Fowler,
John McFarthing,
Jacob Post,
James Baxter,
John Hart,
Cornelius Losee,
Jesse Park,
Roger Purdy, Jun˙,
Gilbert Pugsley,
Abraham Ledeau,
Benjamin Brown,
Aaron Buis,
John Baizley,
David Oakley, Jun˙,
Isaac Smith,
John Hyatt,
Abraham Odell,
Thomas Lawrence,
John Seyson,
Isaac Forsheu,
Gabriel Requeaw,
Gabriel Archer,
Elias Secord,
James Peirce,
Edward Bugbo,
Daniel Haight,
John Hunt, Jun˙,
Abraham Losee,
Isaac Tomkins,
Joseph Paulding,
Henricus Storm,
Francis Secord,
John Parker,
Gilbert Bates,
David Purdy,
David Bleeker,
Jordon Downing,
Corn˙Van Tassell,
Joseph Appleby,
Patrick Cary,
Gilbert Ward,
William Dunlap,
Joshua Ferris,
Timothy Purdy,
James McQuire,
James Regnaw,
Samuel Purdy,
Sylvanus Purdy,
William Dalton,
Elijah Tomkins,
Charles Lawrence,
Joseph Purdy, Jun˙,
James Sniffin, Jun˙,
Peter Bonet,
Peter Fashee,
Jesse Lawrence,
William Sniden,
Solomon Dean,
Thomas Hyatt,
William Woodward,
John Whitmore,
William Underhill,
Nehemiah Tomkins,
Henry Leforge,
Evert Brown,
Benjamin Beyea,
John Loce,
Elnathan Appleby,
John Baker,
Jonathan Underhill,
James McChain,
Joshua Hunt,
Betts Chatterdon,
William Landrim,
Dennis Kennedy,
James Hains,
Andrew Bainton,
Nathaniel Tomkins,
Caleb Archer,
Benjamin Bugbe,
Francis Purdy,
William Odell,
Israel Hunt,
Thomas Tomkins,
Frederick Underhill,
Peter Post,
Benjamin McCord,
John Williams,
John Ackeman,
Peter Rusting,
Jeremiah Hunter,
Abraham Storm,
Peter Jenning,
John Gale,
John Smith,
James Hart, Jun˙,
Jonathan Purdy, Jr˙,
Monmouth Hart, Jr˙,
Christopher Turdy,
Gabriel Purdy,
Edward Merrill, Jr˙,
Henry Disborough,
William Van Wart,
Abraham Storm,
Thomas Berry,
Charles Merritt,
Benjamin Griffin,
James Angerine,
Jere˙ Anderson, Jr˙,
William Barker, Jr˙,
Gideon Arden, Jr˙,
Joseph Purdy,
George Storm
Jacob Vermiller,
Samuel Huested,
John Warner,
John Storm,
Joshua Secord,
John Underhill,
Wm˙ Underhill, Jr˙,
James Hill,
William Watkins,
Richard Paker,
Bishop Hustice,
Jeremiah Hitchcock,
William Bond,
Samuel Sniden,

Of the others who are Freeholders, many also hold lands at will of Colonel Philipse; so that the truth really is, that very few independent Freeholders objected to the appointment of Deputies.