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Resolution of the Committee for Berks County



At a meeting of the Standing Committee of the County of Berks, June 8, 1776, Mark Bird, Esquire, in the Chair.

Resolved, That as some people have declared that no obedience ought to be paid to the civil authority, because a Government will shortly be founded on the authority of the people in the room of the present Government; and as such a conduct will only serve to introduce confusion and disorder, and endanger the lives and properties of every individual in society, it is the opinion of this Committee, and they are determined to support the same to the utmost of their abilities, that the same obedience should be paid to the civil authority as used to be paid to it, till a new Constitution shall be formed by a Provincial Convention, and commissions shall be issued by virtue of the new legislative authority for the appointment of Courts and Magistrates, to preserve the peace and administer justice to the people; and then the authority of the present Courts and Magistrates will cease of course.

By order of the Committee: