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Christopher Duyckinck


Christopher Duyckinck, who was sent to apprehend some Pilots, late of this City, and now in the service of the Ministerial Navy, being at the door, was admitted. He says those Pilots came on shore, but with a boat with armed men for their protection; that they came on shore frequently in that manner; that they have been three times on shore since he went to endeavour to apprehend them: that without the assistance of twenty-five or thirty men with muskets, he thinks it is not probable they will be apprehended; that he thinks that number, with three or four days' provision, and properly armed and lodged, may effect the taking of them. That a Brigantine, haying on board mm, sugar, and salt, was taken yesterday evening; that Francis James, the Pilot, went out in the vessel that seized and took her, and was active therein; that the Phenix has a number of boats about her.

Ordered, That Colonel McDougall give such directions as he may think necessary for apprehending the said Pilots, and that that matter be committed solely to him, and Duyckinck take his directions.