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Thomas Vernoh and Guerney Ten Eyck


Two Prisoners were brought to the door by several of the inhabitants, and were ordered to be brought in.

Thomas Vernon, one of the prisoners brought in.

Stephen Steel examined as witness, says, that last Summer, as he was returning at different times from training, this Thomas Vernon told him he hoped to see Light-Horse raised here, and that, as he had been formerly of such a corps, Governour Tryon would put him into the Light-Horse, and they would drive the Americans; that he has heard him often say he would take up arms against the Americans whenever he had an opportunity, and spoke of spilling their blood; that Vernon frequently goes on board of the ships-of-war; that since he was taken up and carried before the City Committee, he heard him, near Doctor Jones' s, threaten the Americans, and very often speak against the Americans.

Thomas Vernon says, he went on board of the men-of-war by Governour Tryon' s order, and was on board of them yesterday, and delivered two thousand oysters on board of each ship. Vernon says he will fight for either King or country, wherever he can get pay.

Stephen Steel further says, that Vernon was with his boat, at the off-side of the man-of-war, and laid alongside some time; that the man-of-war did not bring his boat to that evening, as she was returning to the city, though she brought the other boats to; that when he came on shore, Vernon acknowledged he had been on board, and said it was to carry his bedding on board. Stephen Steel farther says, he saw sixty shot in his yard, and a boy told him afterwards that they were carried on board of the man-of-war, and that they were then gone out of his yard.

Lawrence Brasher, another witness, declares he has frequently, at different times, heard Stephen Steel declare the same facts about Vernon which he has now testified.

Guerney Ten Eyck: Says he was hired by Thomas Vernon, has been three days in the boat; that he assisted the said Thomas Vernon, and, by his order, to put two thousand oysters on board of the Dutchess, and two thousand on board of the Asia, and two thousand on board of the Phenix; that this was yesterday; that the night before last they lay with their boat alongside of the Dutchess-of-Gordon, and the ships' boats from the man-of-war came, and they delivered four thousand oysters on board of their boats; that yesterday Vernon with his boat went alongside of the different men-of-war; that he, the said Guerney Ten Eyck, went by order of Vernon, and hopes he is not culpable. Ten Eyck further says, that he did not know that the boat was to go on board of, or to the man-of-war, when he left the shore in the boat.

The prisoners were taken out.

Guerney Ten Eyck called in, was told from the Chair


that if he is found going on board again he will be punished according to his demerits, as it is against a Resolution of Congress; that he be very careful, for the future, of his conduct.

He was, thereupon, discharged.

Ordered, That Thomas Vernon be conveyed to the Guard-House, at the Barracks, and that he be there confined in safe custody, and that he provide himself with provisions at his own expense, until the further order of this Committee.