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Whereas this Convention hath resolved, "that the several Companies of Militia intended to be raised for the purpose of forming a Flying-Camp for the protection of the Middle Colonies, shall be mustered and passed by some one of the Field-Officers of the Counties where such Companies shall be raised, and the Captains shall return two copies of his Muster-Roll, certified by the Field-Officer who musters the men, to the Council of Safety:" And whereas no Field-Officers are appointed in Kent County: It is, therefore,

Resolved, That the Committee of Observation for Kent County are hereby authorized to appoint a Militia commissioned Officer in said County, who is empowered to muster and pass such Companies in as full and ample manner as if the same was done by a Field-Officer.

On motion, Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed by a Resolve of the Convention of this Province, in December last, for the purpose of establishing a Gun-lock Manufactory in Fredericktown, in Frederick County, or in the neighbourhood thereof, for which purpose £1,200 was appropriated, do lay before the next Convention, on the third day of their sitting, a full and clear account of their proceedings in the premises, together with state of the said Manufactory.

On reading and considering the Report from the Committee appointed to report on the Petition of John Brewer, of the City of Annapolis,

Resolved, That the Fine imposed on the said John Brewer by the Committee of Observation for Anne Arundel County be remitted, and his Fire-Arms returned to him.

On motion, Resolved, That all Petitions, Applications, and Reports to Convention this present session, and all Petitions,


Applications, and Reports to Convention in all former sessions, whereon no final order hath been or shall be made, be referred to the next session of Convention.

On motion, Resolved, That a bounty of one shilling, common money, be paid by the Council of Safety for every bushel of Salt imported into this Colony, and delivered above Point-Look-out, before the first day of March next, and that the importer be allowed to sell the same at any price not exceeding 7s˙ 6d˙, common money, per bushel.

On motion, Resolved, That the Council of Safety advertise the Proposals given in to this Convention by Mr˙ Charles Wallace, and request any person who will contract for a large quantity of Salt, to deliver in their Proposals by the 20th day of July next; and the Council of Safety are empowered to enter into a contract agreeable to any such Proposals that may be given in, if they adjudge such Proposals more for the advantage of the publick; but if no better terms


should be offered by the said day, then the Council of Safety are empowered to close with the said Proposals of Charles Wallace.

Ordered, That the Declaration of this Convention of this day, and the Resolutions in answer to the Resolution of the Virginia Convention, be published in the Maryland Gazette.

The Journal of Accounts was read and assented to.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay the several claims allowed in the same.

The Convention adjourns till Thursday, the 1st day of August next, to sit at this place, but the Council of Safety may convene the Convention at any other time or place they shall judge necessary.

Signed by order of the Convention: