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Letter from Richard Henry Lee to General Washington: This day he sets off for Virginia; it is more than probable that Congress will order Gates to Canada



Philadelphia, June 13, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I am informed that a certain Mr˙Eustace, now inNew-York, but some time ago with LordDunmore, is acquainted with a practice that prevailed of taking letters out of the Post Office inVirginia and carrying them toDunmore for his perusal, and then returning them to the office again. As it is of the greatest consequence that this nefarious practice be stopped immediately, I shall be exceedingly obliged to you, sir, for getting Mr˙Eustace to give in writing all that he knows about this business, and enclose the same to me atWilliamsburgh. I wish to know particularly what Post Offices the letters were taken from, by whom, and who carried them to LordDunmore. This day I set off forVirginia, where if I can be of any service to you, it will oblige to command me. It is more than probable that Congress will order our friendGates toCanada. His great abilities


and virtue will be absolutely necessary to restore things there; and his recommendations will always be readily complied with. You will find that great powers are given to the commander in that distant department. The system forCanada, adopted since the arrival of the Commissioners here, will, I hope, be of essential service to our affairs. All good men pray most heartily for your health, happiness, and success; and none more than, dear sir, your affectionate friend and obedient servant,


To GeneralWashington.