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Statements of Jacob Le Roy and Dr. William Farquhar


Mr˙ Jacob Le Roy attending, was admitted. Jacob Le Roy, Esq˙, says, that Dr˙ William Farquhar told him he might depend on it the Ministry would do what they could by force; that there were sixty thousand foreign Troops coming over, among which were twenty thousand Russians; that on his asking Dr˙ Farquhar how he knew that, he answered Mr˙ Temple had said so; that he (Mr˙ Le Roy) then offered that he would lay a beaver hat with Mr˙ Temple, that it was not true; that Dr˙ Farquhar offered to lay him a beaver hat of the truth of it; that he (this examinant) refused to take the advantage of him, but said he was ready to lay the wager with Mr˙ Temple; that he (this examinant) then told Mr˙ Farquhar that he should make use of the intelligence he had given him, and that he must give him leave to call on him as the author.

Dr˙ William Farquhar attending, was admitted˙ Dr˙ William Farquhar says that he heard some countrymen, at the Ferry, say that Mr˙ Temple had said that thirty thousand foreign Troops were coming over here. Having heard Mr˙ Le Roy' s examination read, says that he did not inform him of sixty thousand, but of thirty thousand; that he told Mr˙ Le Roy that he wondered at the different reports — that Mr˙ Temple should have told some that no Troops were coming over, and has told others that large numbers were coming over; that he does not know the persons of whom he heard the report at the Ferry.