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Reply to General Washington


In Provincial Congress, New-York, February 20, 1776.

SIR: The Congress have just now received your letter of the 10th instant, directed to the Chairman of our Committee of Safety. They are extremely sorry they have it not in their power to supply you with the articles you mention, as the Army raised here last summer has entirely drained them of the arms belonging to the Colony, which have never been returned; and the more, as they are, by order of Congress; now levying five new regiments — one for the defence of Canada, and four for defending this Colony, and preventing depredations on Long-Island, which they suppose will chiefly be destitute, and obliged to be supplied by them; and with respect to the arms taken from


the Tories in this Colony, they inform you are neither in their possession or at their disposal. Hence, you will perceive that they cannot give you any relief, which they would most cheerfully do were it in their power.

We are, sir, your most humble servants. By order.

To General Washington.