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Pennsylvania Committee of Safety


Resolved, That the Commissary be directed to prove the Fire-locks of all such Associators as shall bring an order from their respective Captains to him, for that purpose.

It appearing to this Board, that the business of Commissary of Stores has been attended with more labour and fatigue than was at first expected,

Therefore, Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, be allowed at the rate of one hundred and eighty-two Pounds ten Shillings per annum, for his services, from the time he undertook the office of Commissary of Military Stores until the further Resolution of this Board.

Upon application of Benjamin Town, for some Brass for making the mountings to Fire-locks, now making for the use of this Province by Nicholson and Dumwick, by order of the Board, Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver said Town two hundred pounds Brass, taking his receipt, to be accountable for the same.

Upon application of Messrs˙ Clement Biddle and Joseph Cowperthwait, for a sum of money for the payment of a tract of land, and a mill seat purchased by them for account of Congress, and for erecting a Powder Mill, &c˙, on the same for account of Congress, by order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon, and others, the Committee of Accounts, of this Board, for fifteen hundred Pounds, which is to be charged to account of Congress.

Captain Henry Allis, of Colonel Shea' s Battalion, having by Letter to this Board resigned his commission:

Resolved, That Mr˙ Isaac Melchior be appointed Captain to said Company, in the room of Captain Allis.