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Report from the Committee of Observation


The Secretary, as Chairman of the Committee of Observation, reported, that in consequence of the late correspondence between the Congress and Captain Thornbrough, of His Majesty' s Sloop Tamer, and some information laid before the Congress by Jonathan Scott, Esq˙, he had thought it his duty, and did, last Tuesday evening, cause all the fishing boats to be stopped from proceeding beyond Fort Johnson; as he observed, that instead of avoiding, they mostly went in the way of the men of war, and were


frequently along side; and that he had also avoided, until the further order of the Congress, giving permits for the passage of coasters, and persons desirous of going into the Road, lest in one case, a seizure of the schooners should ensue, according to Captain Thornbrough' s threat; and in the other, an improper correspondence might be carried on, prejudicial to the Colony, in the present critical situation of its affairs.