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Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 10, 1775.

(Parole, Cumberland.) (Countersign, Durham.)

The General thanks Colonel Thompson, and the other gallant officers and soldiers, (as well of other Regiments as the Riflers,) for their alacrity yesterday, in pushing through the water to get to the enemy on Lechmere' s Point. He is informed that there were some (names as yet unknown) who discovered a backwardness in crossing the causeway; these will be marked, if they can be discovered. The General was much surprised and concerned to see the order in which many of the arms, in several of the Regiments, appeared; he had not time to inquire the names of the particular officers to whose Companies they belonged, but desires that this hint may be received, as an admonition, by such officers as are conscious of their neglect of this duty, as other methods will be fallen upon, if it is not.