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Providence (Rhode-Island) Town-Meeting



At a Town-Meeting held in Providence, according to law, on the twenty-ninth day of August, Anno Domini 1775:

The Hon˙ NICHOLAS COOKE, Esq˙, Moderator.

The Committee appointed on the thirty-first day of July last, to draw up Rules for regulating the Battery at Fox Point, made report as on file, which is accepted by the Town.

Voted, That Captain Ezek Hopkins be appointed to command the Battery at Fox Hill.

Voted, That Captain Samuel Warner be Lieutenant.

Voted, That Captain Christopher Shelden be Gunner.

Voted, That seven Men he appointed for each Gun in the Battery, including Officers, and that such be selected from the Town Inhabitants who are acquainted with the use of Cannon, and do not belong to any of the Independent Companies.

Voted, That the Battery Company appoint a Captain and Gunner for each Gun out of their Company.

Voted, That upon any person quitting the Battery Company, the Officer thereto belonging have power to select others, as abovesaid, to keep their number complete.

Voted, That two persons be appointed to watch the Battery at Fox Point, in the day time and in the evenings,


until relieved by the Town-Watch, and that Captain Nicholas Power be appointed to hire the said two persons on the best terms he can, to be employed as the Officers of the Battery shall direct.

Voted, That the Great Guns be numbered, and each person' s name who belong to said Guns be wrote on a card and affixed to the Gun they may belong to, that they may know where to repair in case of an alarm.

Voted, That the Captain, Lieutenant, and Gunner of said Battery, have the care of preparing and keeping the Stores belonging thereto in good order.

Voted, That the Battery Company exercise their Cannon once in a mouth, or oftener, to perfect themselves in the use thereof.

Voted, That Captain Barnard Eddy and Mr˙ Paul Allen be a Committee to call upon all those persons who have received Cartudges, made of the Town' s stock of Powder and Lead, agreeable to a Vote of the Town made on the nineteenth day of June last; to examine if any of said Cartridges are missing, and, if they shall find that any person hath expended any of said Cartridges otherwise than in the publick defenre, that they demand and receive the nine Pence promised by such person for each Cartridge so expended; and that they demand and receive all the Town' s Cartridges, delivered on the late alarm or otherwise, which any person may have in his possession, more than seventeen for every Fire-Arm he may have fit for use.

Whereas Mr˙ Moses Brown hath moved that the Town would instruct their Deputies to use their influence in the next General Assembly to procure a Bill, now lying before the House of Assembly, entitled "An Act prohibiting the importation of Negroes into this Colony, and asserting the right of Freedom of all those hereafter born or manumitted within the same," a copy whereof hath now been read to the Town, to be passed into a law: And whereas the said Act contains matters of great importance, and will materially affect the property of individuals, therefore,

Voted, That the consideration of the same be referred to the next meeting, and that a warrant be issued, to warn the Freemen of the Town that the said motion will be considered and acted upon at the next meeting.

Voted, That this meeting be adjourned to the twelfth day of September next, at three o' clock, P˙ M.