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Answer of the Magistrates of Westmoreland County


The Answer, of the Magistrates of Westmoreland County to the foregoing Address of Doctor Conolly, viz:

The jurisdiction of the Court and officers of the county of Westmoreland, rests on the legislative authority of the Province of Pennsylvania, confirmed by his Majesty in Council. That jurisdiction has been regularly exercised, and the Court and officers will continue to exercise it in the same regular manner. It is far from their intentions to occasion or foment disturbances, and they apprehend that no such intentions can with propriety be inferred from any part of their conduct; on the contrary, they wish, and will do all in their power to preserve the public tranquillity. In order to contribute to this very salutary purpose, they give information that every step will be taken on the part of the Province of Pennsylvania to accommodate any differences that have arisen between it and the Colony of Virginia, by fixing a temporary line betwixt them.