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Report of the Committee


The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for giving currency to the Bills of Credit of the other Governments, reported as follows:

Whereas, a former Congress of this Colony, holden at Watertown, on the 20th day of May now last past, resolved, "That for the payment of advance pay to the Massachusetts Army, there should be issued by the Receiver-General, on the credit of this Colony, a sum not exceeding Twenty-Six Thousand Pounds, lawful money, in notes of the following denominations, to wit: of Twenty Shillings, of Eighteen Shillings, of Sixteen Shillings, of Fifteen Shillings, of Fourteen Shillings, of Twelve Shillings, of Ten Shillings, of Nine Shillings, and of Six Shillings; to be four thousand three hundred and thirty-three of each denomination, and no more:"

And whereas, it is absolutely necessary that the Bills aforesaid should have free currency, and be supported in full credit: It is, therefore,

Resolved, That no person within this Colony shall purchase or take in payment any of the Bills, aforesaid at any discount, or for a less sum than what is specified on the face of them; and that every person so offending, shall be deemed an enemy to his Country, and shall be punished by fine imprisonment, at the discretion of any Congress of this Colony before whom he or she shall be convicted thereof.

And whereas it is expedient, for divers reasons, that the Bills of the other Colonies on this Continent, except those that have been or may be issued by the Governments of Quebeck and Nova-Scotia, should have full credit and free currency in this Colony: It is, therefore,

Resolved, That the above Resolution respecting the Bills of the Colony, shall be extended to have as full force with respect to the Bills of the other Colonies on this Continent, (excepting Quebeck and Nova-Scotia,) as to the Bills of this Colony; and it is also

Resolved, That the Bills of the other Colonies, excepting as aforesaid, shall be received in all payments, and have equal credit as those of this Colony; and it is also

Resolved, That any person who shall inform this or any future Congress of this Colony, against any person who


shall violate either of these Resolutions aforesaid, shall, on conviction of such person, be entitled to receive out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, in reward for such information, the sum of ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙; and it is also

Resolved, That any person who shall inform against persons violating either of the aforesaid Resolutions to any Committee of Correspondence in this Province, shall, on the conviction of any person offending as aforesaid, be entitled to the same reward as if the said complaint had been made to any Congress of this Colony; and all the Committees of Safety in this Colony are strictly enjoined, when any such complaint shall be made to them, that they, as soon as may be, send the same complaint, with the name or names of the witness or witnesses of the fact, to the Congress of this Colony.

The Report was ordered to lie upon the table till the afternoon.