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Resolutions recommended by Mr. Livingston


That from the whole of the above conference, Mr˙ Livingston was of opinion that the following Resolutions were necessary, which he therefore begs leave to recommend:

Resolved, 1st, That Mr˙ Cuyler and Mr˙ Duer be authorized and required to employ such and so many persons as they shall think fit to purchase and collect three hundred Felling Axes; and that they have power to impress the same where there is more than one in a family, paying the full value or offering to return the same on or before the first day of January next; and that they advance such sums of money as they shall think necessary for the purpose, which this Committee will repay; that the Axes so obtained be delivered to General George Clinton, or his agent, taking a receipt therefor as so many Axes delivered into the Continental store.


Resolved, 2d, That the persons so employed set out on this business immediately, and return all the Axes they shall obtain this day to General Clinton, or his agent, at New-Windsor, by seven o' clock on Sunday morning or as soon after as possible; that in order to compensate their extraordinary fatigue, one shilling will be paid to each agent for every Axe by him delivered over and above his wages and expenses of carriage.

Resolved, 3d, That John Teller, John Elmendorff, Jeremiah Clark, and Nicholas Brewer, Junior, be appointed agents to collect, within one week, as many Boats, Scows, and Crafts as are fit for carrying Stone; that, they have power to hire or impress the same, Ferry Boats excepted, permitting the owner of every Boat with sails to put one hand on board, if he shall choose it, and giving a receipt therefor, which receipt shall specify the hire agreed for; that the Boats be delivered to General Clinton, or to his agent, at New-Windsor, with all possible despatch; that on such delivery to General Clinton, they be respectively appraised by three respectable freeholders, and a similar receipt taken therefor by the persons delivering the same.

Resolved, 4th, That Mr˙ Gilbert Livingston cause the Spars and Timber purchased by the Secret Committee to be immediately rafted to New-Windsor, and delivered to General Clinton or his order, and that a receipt be taken therefor.

Resolved, 5th, That Gilbert Livingston, Esq˙, be empowered to cause three tons of Iron, of an inch and a half and one inch and three-quarters thick, bearing an equal quantity of each, or such other quantities and sizes as General Clinton may direct, to be delivered as soon as possible at New-Windsor.

Resolved, 6th, That Mr˙ Cuyler, Mr˙ Cantine, and Colonel Allison, be a Committee to supply such other necessaries as General George Clinton may apply for, in order to perfect the obstructions of the navigation of Hudson' s River; and that they be empowered to draw on the Treasury for a sum not exceeding four hundred Pounds, to defray the expense thereof.

Resolved, 7th, That all the Troops of this State who are not, by the terms of their inlistments, confined to particular Counties, except those in the Counties of Charlotte, Tryon, Cumberland, and Gloucester, be ordered down to Fort Constitution, and be annexed to General George Clinton' s Brigade, till the 1st day of January next; and that Letters be written to the Chairman of the County Committees where the Troops are under their direction.

Resolved, 8th, That the Militia of Orange and Ulster Counties hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment' s warning, to oppose the invasion of the enemy on the west side of Hudson' s River; that Brigadier-General Clinton issue orders accordingly; and that they march for that purpose on receiving the orders of Major-General Heath, provided such orders shall be given within one month.

Resolved and Ordered, 9th, That a copy of the last preceding Resolution be transmitted to Major-General Heath and Brigadier-Generals Clinton and Scott.

Resolved, 10th, That this Committee agree with Mr˙ Livingston in his Report in the preceding Resolution as amended.

Resolved, 11th, That Mr˙ Machin be requested and authorized to alter and fix the Chain intended for the obstruction of Hudson River, in such manner and at such place as he thinks best calculated to answer the purpose for which it was intended; and that this Committee will advance the money necessary to defray the expense thereof.

Ordered, 12th, That a copy of the preceding Resolutions be transmitted to Major-General Heath and Brigadier-General George Clinton.

Resolved, 13th, That the draft of the Letter to the honourable Continental Congress agreed upon by the Committee, and directed to be despatched, be altered [to conform] to the preceding Report and Resolutions, and that Mr˙ Duer be requested to prepare the and alterations.

Resolved, 14th, That a copy of the preceding Resolutions be transmitted, in a Letter, to Major-General Schuyler; and that he be requested to meet and consult with General Clinton on the plan for obstructing Hudson' s River, near Pollepus Island; and that Mr˙ Duane prepare a draft of the said Letter.