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Letter Sent to the Continental Congress


Tuesday, December 5, 1775.

Present in Council: Honourables Walter Spooner, John Winthrop, Joseph Gerrish, Eldad Taylor, Benjamin Lincoln, Charles Chauncy, Michael Farley, Joseph Palmer, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, John Taylor, Benjamin White, Esquires.

Ordered, That John Winthrop and Benjamin Lincoln, Esqrs˙, be a Committee to draft the Letter to the Continental Congress, representing to them the reasons of this Colony' s paying their Soldiers by lunar, and not by calendar months.

Their Report read and accepted, and ordered to be signed by the President, in the name, and by order of the General Court, and forwarded to the Delegates of this Colony in American Congress, to be by them communicated.

Sent down for concurrence. Came up concurred, and forwarded.

In Council: Ordered, That Walter Spooner, Charles Chauncy, and Joseph Palmer, Esquires, with such as the honourable House shall join, be a Committee to take into consideration the circumstances of the Sea-Ports of this Colony, and where it will be necessary to keep Forces


during the winter season; and to wait on his Excellency General Washington, and represent to him the exposed situation of such place or places as they may judge necessary to be guarded, and to request his protection of them; and make report.

Sent down for concurrence. Came up concurred, and Mr˙ Sullivan, Colonel Orne, Colonel Lovell, and Captain Tobey, are joined on the part of the House.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.