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Resolutions of the Committee for the Lower District of Frederick County, in Maryland:They will support and maintain at the hazard of their lives and fortunes, what may be recommended by a majority of the Congress; every resolution of the Convention, tending to separate Maryland from a majority of the Colonies, is destructive to our internal safety and big with publick ruin



In Committee for the Lower District of Frederick County,

June 17, 1776.

Present:Jonathan Wilson, Esq˙, (in the Chair,)Edward Burgess, Robert Owen, Thomas Cramphin, Jun˙, Charles G˙ Griffith, Zadock Magruder, Samuel W˙ Magruder, Gerard Briscoe, Archibald Orme, Allen Bowie, Thomas S˙ Wootton.

Resolved, unanimously, That our sole and primary intention in appointing Delegates to meet in Convention was, to regulate the mode of opposition necessary to be made by us internally against the arbitrary machinations of theBritish Ministry, and to appoint Delegates to meet our sister Colonies in Congress, to recommend such measures as, by a sense of the majority of the Colonies, would best secure the natural and inherent rights of the people generally.

Resolved, unanimously, That all just and legal Government was instituted for the ease and convenience of the People, and that the People have the indubitable right to reform or abolish a Government which may appear to them insufficient for the exigency of their affairs.

Resolved, unanimously, That what may be recommended by a majority of the Congress, equally delegated by the people of the United Colonies, we will, at the hazard of our lives and fortunes, support and maintain; and that every resolution of Convention tending to separate this Province from a majority of the Colonies, without the consent of the people, is destructive to our internal safety, and big with publick ruin.

Resolved, unanimously, That as a knowledge of the conduct of the Representative is the constituent' s only principle and permanent security, we claim the right of being fully informed therein, unless in the secret operations of war; and that we shall ever hold the Representative amenable to that body from whom he derives his authority.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Legislative, Judicative, Executive, and Military powers, ought to be separate, and that in all countries where the power to make laws and the power to enforce such laws is vested in one man, or in one body of men, a tyranny is established.

Resolved, unanimously, That these Resolutions be immediately printed in theMaryland Gazette.

Signed per order: