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Letter from Colonel Hay to General Washington



Haverstraw, July 19, 1776.

SIR: I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yours, directed to the County Committee of this County. The enemy now lie in Haverstraw Bay, and are using every effort to land and destroy the property of the inhabitants. The great extent of shore I have to guard obliges me to keep the greatest part of my regiment on duty, in order to prevent their depredations. I have received a reinforcement from General Clinton, at Fort Montgomery, of about eighty men, and hope when he receives your Excellency' s letter he will send me further relief, as the enemy seem to direct their operations against the west shore. We are in want of powder and ball — a supply will be absolutely necessary. If I had had two or three small cannon, I should have been able to have destroyed one of the cutters that grounded near Stony Point, and lay there six hours.

The enclosed examination of a deserter from Captain Wallace, will give your Excellency all the information I am able to communicate at present.

I am, with esteem, your most obedient servant,

To His Excellency General Washington, New York.

P˙ S˙ The bearer can bring up in his saddle bags twenty weight of powder.