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Letter from General Gates to General Schuyler


Head-Quarters, October 5, 1776.

(Parole, Sawbridge .)

(Countersign, Wilks .)

The following promotions are ordered to take place in the Sixth or Colonel Whitcomb' s regiment, viz:

First Lieutenant Thomas Willington, Captain, vice Captain Bullard, discharged.

Second Lieutenant Tuckerman, First Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Willington, promoted.

Ensign Dougherty, Second Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Tuckerman, promoted.

Sergeant Dougherty, Ensign, vice Ensign Dougherty, promoted.

First Lieutenant Noah Allen . Captain, vice Captain Sole, resigned.

Second Lieutenant Winchester, First Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Allen, promoted.

Ensign Smith, Second Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Winchester, promoted.

Sergeant Mc Clean, Ensign, vice Ensign Smith, promoted. Field officer of the day, to-morrow, for Ticonderoga, Colonel Woodbridge . Brigade-Major of the day, Ryan .

Officer of the day for Mount Independence, Colonel Swift . Brigade-Major of the day, Howell .