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Proceedings from June 5 to July 6


Voted, To choose a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to consult together and to make report what business is most necessary to be done at this session; and at what time and to what time the General Assembly shall be adjourned; and also to consult in what manner and how the Members of both Houses shall receive their pay; and that Jonathan Lovewell, Esq˙, John Dudley, Esq˙, and Captain Prentice, be the Committee of the House for the purposes aforesaid.

Which Committee being joined by a Committee of the Council, made report as follows, viz:

"The Committee of both Houses agree to report that they think it necessary a vote should pass, directing the Secretary that he should make out commissions of the peace for each County, agreeable to the Acts, Votes, and Resolves of the General Assembly; and for the President to sign them. That the several Acts under consideration be finished and passed. And considering the necessity of raising the Canada Regiment, and uncertainty of recruiting officers raising the men, think it absolutely necessary for the Court to set next week. That the Judge of Maritime Affairs be commissioned without delay.

M˙ THORNTON, Chairman."