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Abraham Gibbs and Benjamin Shockly


The Commitment of Abraham Gibbs and Benjamin Shockly:

Dorchester County Committee Chamber, Cambridge, November 23, 1775.

Abraham Gibbs and Benjamin Shockly being, by order of the Committee of Worcester County, sent under guard


of Captain William Hopewell, and part of his Company, to be conveyed to the Council of Safety, to answer charges against them of opposing the present measures of the Continental Congress and Convention of this Province, acting a part inimical to the common cause of America, and endeavouring to stir up sedition and disunion among the people, were delivered to the care of Thomas Ennalls, Captain of the Cambridge Blues, who this day produces them before this Committee.

And thereupon it is ordered by said Committee, that the said Captain Thomas Ennalls keep them (the said Gibbs and Shockly) in safe custody, so that he have them at Talbot Court-House on Thursday next, or as soon thereafter as he can, and then deliver them to the Council of Safety, who are expected will be then sitting there; or, if they should not be sitting, to the Committee of Observation of Talbot County.

Per order of the Committee: