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Memorial to the Assembly


In Committee of Safety, May 23, 1776.

Present: John Nixon, James Biddle, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Junior, Samuel Howell, Daniel Roberdeau, George Gray, George Clymer, Joseph Parker.

Resolved, That Mr˙ John Nixon be desired to write to Mr˙ Henry Wynkoop, of Bucks County, to purchase five hundred barrels of Pork, and as much salt Beef as he can procure, for the use of this Province in case of any sudden collection of the Associators, or other Troops.

In Committee of Safety, May 24, 1776.

Present: James Biddle, Chairman, John Nixon, Daniel Roberdeau, JohnCadwallader, George Ross, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, David Rittenhouse, Joseph Parker, Owen Biddle, Benj˙ Bartholomew, Samuel Howell.

A Memorial to the honourable House of Assembly was this day read, approved of, and sent to the House, and is as follows:

"To the Honourable the Representatives of the Freemen of the Province of PENNSYLVANIA, in General Assembly met: The Memorial of the Committee of Safety of the said Province, showing:

"That there being only nine members of the said Committee residing in this City who are not members of Assembly, and several of the said Committee being frequently out of town on pubiick business, it often happens that a Board cannot be got together, by which very important matters are sometimes delayed, to the injury of the publick; the said Committee, therefore, beg leave to represent to your honourable House the necessity of increasing the number of this Committee immediately, by adding more persons residing in this City."