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Mar 3


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, March 3, 1776.

Parole, —

Countersign, —

No officer or soldier, under any pretence, is to be absent from his post, without leave in writing from his Brigadier-General, who is not to grant liberty of running backwards and forwards from hence to Roxbury, but in very especial cases.

As it is not unlikely but a contest may soon be brought on between the Ministerial Troops and this Army, the General flatters himself that every officer and soldier will endeavour to give such distinguished proofs of his conduct and good behaviour as becomes men fighting for everything that is dear and valuable to freemen, remembering at the same time what disgraceful punishment will attend a contrary behaviour. Every man' s conduct will be marked, and rewarded or punished accordingly, and cowardice in a most exemplary manner. The Colonels, or commanding officers of Regiments, are to see that their several Regiments are


properly told off, and the supernumerary officers so posted as to keep the men to their duty, Particular care is to be taken, to prevent their firing at too great a distance, as one fire well aimed does more execution than a dozen at long-shot.

All wood-cutting parties, &c˙, are to join their respective Regiments until further orders. The Quartermaster-General may draw the carbines out of the Commissary' s stores, and put them into the hands of the carpenters, or such others as he shall think will use them to the best advantage, taking care to return them when called for. All arms in store fit for use, may be delivered out to the Adjutant-General' s order.

The Brigadiers are to see that the arms in their several Brigades are disposed of to the best advantage, placing them in the hands only of such men as are fittest for duty; and that the spears are used as occasion shall require, to supply the defect of arms.

As it has been suggested to the General that many of the town' s people, &c˙, influenced by a zeal for the cause of their country, are inclined to throw aid in case the Army should be called to action, the General desires that they will (to prevent any kind of confusion or disorder) join different Companies in the several Regiments, as they shall choose, or form themselves into a distinct corps, under officers of their, own choosing, and put themselves under the immediate command of some Brigadier, that they may not be considered or act as an independent Company.

Two Companies of Colonel Thompson' s Rifle Regiment are to march to-morrow evening to Roxbury, with their blankets, arms, and three days' provisions ready dressed. The officer commanding the party will receive his orders from the Adjutant-General.

Colonel Hutchinson' s and Colonel French' s Regiments are to march to Roxbury by sunrise on Tuesday morning, with their blankets, arms, and three days' provisions ready dressed.