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Bills of Credit of the Continental Congress made a legal tender within the State of New-Jersey


Saturday, August 17, 1776.

Met according to adjournment. Adjourned to 3 o' clock, afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

A Letter from William Ch˙ Huston, Captain of a Company in the Second Battalion of Foot Militia in the County of Somerset, setting forth, that from his connection with the College in the absence of Dr˙ Witherspoon, and other circumstances, he cannot pay the due attention to his Company, and begging leave to resign his commission.

Ordered, That his resignation be accepted.

In pursuance of the recommendation of the honourable Continental Congress,

Resolved, That all the Workmen of this State actually employed in the manufactory of Fire-Arms be excused from going out with the Militia when called upon.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Bills of Credit emitted by the honourable Continental Congress be a legal tender within the State of New-Jersey, for all sums of money due and owing from one person to another.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Sergeant revise, correct, and transcribe the Minutes of this Convention for the press, to be inspected, approved, and signed by the President, and that he have the same compensation as has been allowed to the Clerks of Assembly in this State.

Whereas the difference of the several Currencies within this State very greatly perplexes many of the good people thereof, and more especially such of the people of the neighbouring States as have come hither for our defence against the common enemy, and gives occasion to great impositions and deceits,

Resolved, unanimously, That all payments and receipts be made in every part of this State in Proclamation money of New-Jersey, at 7s˙ 6d˙ the dollar, reckoning the difference between the usual prices heretofore taken in any other currency, and reducing the same to Proclamation.

Adjourned till Monday morning, eight o' clock.