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Further proceedings in Committee of the Whole


Thursday, November 33, 1775.

The House resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of the Letter communicated to this House by Mr˙ Speaker, upon the 26th day of October last, dated Halifax, Nova-Scotia, July 4, 1775, and signed "William Nesbitt, Speaker," together with a Paper enclosed therein, intituled "The Address, Petition, and Memorial, of the Representatives of the Freeholders of the Province of Nova-Scotia, in General Assembly."

And the Speaker being about to leave the chair, Mr˙ Burke objected to it, as did Mr˙ Dempster and Mr˙ Fox. They contended that the Petition had been brought into the House late at night, and that the authenticity of the signatures of the petitioners, styling themselves the Speaker and Assembly of the Province, had not been proved. They insisted that Mr˙ Cumberland, the Agent for Nova-Scotia, should be called in and examined while the Speaker was in the chair. This was opposed by Lord North, Sir Gilbert Elliot, & c˙; and it was agreed to go into the Committee.

Mr˙ Cumberland was called in. He was asked if he knew anything of the Petition before the Committee. He said he knew nothing of it. He was shown the signature of the Speaker of the Assembly of Nova-Scotia, and asked if he knew it. He replied he knew the gentleman' s handwriting, having received several letters from him; but did not know


he was Speaker of the Assembly till he was now informed of it. He then withdrew.

Resolutions were then submitted by Lord North, which were agreed to.

Mr˙ Speaker resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Mackworth reported from the Committee, that they had examined the Agent for his Majesty' s Colony of Nova-Scotia, and had come to several Resolutions, which they had directed him to report when the House will please to receive the same.

Ordered, That the Report be received upon Wednesday morning next.