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Congress requested to take measures to secure the Stock on the Islands and Sea-Coasts


May 23, 1775.

This Committee find themselves much at a loss for a rule by which to determine when a Regiment may be said to be full, and beg leave to suggest to the honourable Congress, whether a certificate from the Muster-Master, relative to the premises, will not be a good rule for ascertaining when a Regiment is complete; and said Committee beg instructions in the matter.


Whereas, our enemies make frequent excursions to the Islands and Sea-Coasts, from whence they plunder Hay, Cattle, and Sheep, which not only greatly injures many individuals, but also the publick, and strengthens the hands of our enemies: Therefore,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Honourable Congress to take some effectual measure to secure the stock on the Islands and Sea-Coasts, to prevent its falling into the hands of our enemies.

Whereas, this Committee have taken into their most serious consideration the state of the New-England Army, proposed to be raised for the defence and security of the lives, liberties, and property of the Americans, and find that the several Colonies have not, collectively, raised more than twenty-four thousand five hundred men, whereas thirty thousand were supposed to be necessary; and the said Committee also find a considerable number of officers of Minute-men now at Head-Quarters, who, with their men, cannot find room for employment in the Army, upon the present establishment of this Colony; and as our enemies have determined to distress us upon our Sea-Coasts, by taking our vessels, with provisions, salt, molasses, &c˙, as well as by plundering our Islands and Coasts of live stock, which will require a greater number of men to guard said coasts than was at first estimated; and as said Army, or any part thereof, may be disbanded at any future time, when the publick safety will admit thereof; and as the publick military spirit runs high: it is, therefore,

Resolved, That the consideration of these premises be recommended to the honourable Congress; and that Colonel Palmer be directed to attend said Congress with this Resolve, in order to know whether they will make any addition to the present establishment.