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Timothy Doughty brought before the Congress, examined, and discharged


In pursuance of the Order of yesterday, Timothy Doughty, a prisoner, being brought to the door, was called in. The letter from the Chairman of the Committee of Dutchess County, and all the affidavits and proofs against the said Timothy Doughty, were read in his presence; and the said Timothy Doughty, who declined a trial by the Committee of the County where he resides, and put himself, as to all the charges against him, on this Congress, was fully heard in his denial of the charges against him and his defence, and ordered to withdraw; and the Congress came to a determination thereon, in the words following, to wit:

In Provincial Congress, New-York, October 20, 1775.

The Congress having taken the case of Timothy Doughty, now a prisoner before them, into their serious consideration, do determine, that notwithstanding his constant denial of the matters laid to his charge, they are of opinion, that the said Timothy Doughty hath formerly entertained designs and opinions inimical to the great cause of American liberty, and been a principal instigator of the disturbances which have of late prevailed in the County of Dutchess, and that therefore he hath merited the hardships and sufferings which he hath sustained during his imprisonment. Nevertheless, as he did continue in prison when he had an opportunity to escape, and did voluntarily repose himself upon the equity of this Congress, and hath further promised that he will for the future demean himself in a peaceable and orderly manner, the Congress do resolve to acquit the said Timothy Doughty from any further punishment, and recommend it to their constituents to receive him again as a member of the community.

The said Timothy Doughty was thereupon called in, and the determination of the Congress read to him, and, by order of Congress, a certified copy thereof was delivered to him; and he was thereupon discharged.

Ordered, That another certified copy thereof be delivered to the Chairman of the Committee of Dutchess County.