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New-Hampshire Delegates to Provincial Congress at Exeter



Philadelphia, June 20, 1775.

Your favour of the 24th of May is now before us; in answer to which can only say, we easily conceive the "painful sensation" that every honest man must feel when he sees the unnatural conflict between Great Britain and these Colonies rising to such a height. But when we consider it not of our own seeking, but drove by the sons of tyranny and oppression to the sad alternative of being made slaves or appealing to the sword in defence of our just liberties, cannot but think we shall stand justified, before God and man, in vigorously seizing the latter.

We are much pleased with the proceedings of New-Hampshire, shewing their attachment to the common cause, by raising so large a number of men for the defence of America. We are very sensible of the inability of our Province to support them, and the necessity of a paper currency.

We are at liberty to inform you that the Committee of the whole Congress have agreed to report a Continental currency, which, no doubt, will be emitted immediately, and forwarded for the payment of the Troops.

The Congress have appointed General Washington to the command of the American Forces, who will set out for the camp to-morrow or next day; have also agreed upon a Continental Army. The other proceedings of Congress are not yet to be made publick, unless what appears in the prints.

It is impossible to conceive of a greater unanimity in the Colonies than that which at present subsists, one and all being determined to defend our rights to the last. May the great Author of all things bless and assist us, is the most ardent prayer of, your most obedient humble servants,


Matthew Thornton, Esq.

P˙ S˙ Enclosed is an order for a general fast.