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The Report of the Committee on Captain Aitkin' s Petition being taken into consideration, the same was debated on, paragraph by paragraph, and agreed to, after a question being put upon each.

Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed by the late Congress for the sale of the Cargo of the Ship Port-Henderson, Henry Aitkin late Master, be authorized to pay to the said Henry Aitkin, out of the proceeds of such sales, the sum of five hundred and fifty-eight Pounds twelve Shillings, currency, due to him for Wages; also, the sum of three hundred and one Pounds sixteen Shillings and nine Pence, for a Bill of Exchange paid to Mr˙ Nathaniel Russell, which, being drawn upon himself, is now of no value; and, also, the sum of four hundred and sixty-nine Pounds eight Shillings and nine Pence, currency, which Captain Aitkin has received from several passengers, and expended on the said Ship, and is now demanded of him by the said passengers.

Ordered, That a copy of the above Resolution be sent to the Legislative Council for their concurrence, and to his Excellency the President for his assent.

Ordered, That the said Resolution be engrossed, and that Mr˙ Speaker do sign the same.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Dupont and Mr˙ Corbett do carry the said Message to the Legislative Council.