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Commitment of John Hatton, Sen., to the State prison


When the following Members met: David Rittenhouse, Chairman, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Joseph Blewer, John Hubly, John Bull, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Frederick Kuhl, Owen Biddle, John Moore, James Cannon.

In consequence of a Warrant issued by this Board, Lieutenant James Read brought John Hatton; whereupon, the Board committed said Hatton to the State Prison, for examination.

"In Council of Safety.

"Whereupon, John Hatton, Sen˙, stands charged before the Council of Safety aforesaid, of practices inimical to the States of America; you are therefore hereby required and enjoined to receive into your custody the body of the said John Hatton, and him safely keep, until he be duly discharged by the said Council, or by order of Congress; and for your so doing, this shall be your warrant. Given under my hand this fifth day of August, 1776.

"By order of the Council:
"D˙ RITTENHOUSE, Chairman.

"To Mr˙ Robert Jewell, Keeper of the State Prison."