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Minutes of Conference of the Committee with General Washington


October 24, 1775.

The Committee proceeded in their Conference on the General' s queries, viz:

1st. When the Army receives such supplies of Powder as to be enabled to spare some to the country, how and upon what terms is it to be done?

Agreed, That it be sold to them at a reasonable price.

2d. Tents, if the Army should have occasion to take the field, will be indispensably necessary for the Officers and inen. How are they to be provided, and are the Officers to be allowed any?

Agreed, That it be recommended to the honourable Congress to pay an early attention to this article, and, if the pay of the Officers is not considerably increased, that Tents be allowed them.

The General informed the Committee that he had given particular orders that all the Tents, now in use, should be carefully packed up in proper places during the winter.

The Council of War lately held, having, in consequence of an intimation from the Congress, deliberated on the expediency of an attack upon Boston, and determined that at present it was not practicable, the General wishes to know how far it may be deemed proper and advisable to avail himself of the season to destroy the Troops, who propose to winter at Boston, by a bombardment, when the harbour is blocked up; or, in other words, whether the loss of the Town, and the property therein, are to be so considered as that an attack upon the Troops there should be avoided, when it evidently appears that the Town must of consequence be destroyed.

The Committee were of opinion this is a matter of too much importance to be determined by them, therefore refer it to the Congress.

The General now requested that the Committee would represent to the Congress the necessity of having Money constantly and regularly sent, and that some regulation, upon this head, should be made as soon as possible. Also, that the Congress would be pleased to establish or recommend it to the Legislature of this Province to establish some court for the trial and condemnation of Vessels taken from the enemy, so that they may be distinguished from those of a different character, and all abuses prevented as much as possible.

A true copy of the Minutes of the Conference held by the Delegates from the Continental Congress with General Washington.

JOSEPH REED, Secretary.

Head-Quarters, Cambridge, October 24, 1775.