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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Committee met at the Court-House, Monday, October 9, 1775:

Present: John Moale, Samuel Purviance, James Calhoun, Benjamin Nicholson, Thomas Boilers, John Cradock, James Gittings, Robert Alexander, Walter Tolley, Jun˙, William Wilkinson John Cockey, William Buchanan, William Lux, John Boyd, Z˙ McCubbin, Jun˙, Thomas Harrison, Benjamin Griffith, Thomas Gist, Sen˙, Isaac Grist, Mordocai Gist, Ezekiel Towson, Jeremiah Johnson, William Asquith, John E˙ Howard, John Smith,

Who proceeded to choose Mr˙ John Moale, Chairman, and Mr˙ Robert Alexander, Clerk, for the day.

Messrs˙ Ezekiel Towson and Jeremiah Johnson declined acting as Committee-Men, at the same time declaring their intention of not acting on any occasion.

Mr˙ Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, was elected Chairman; Mr˙ William Lux, Vice-Chairman; Mr˙ George Lux, Secretary; and Mr˙ David McMechen, as Assistant-Secretary, to this Committee during their pleasure.

Mr˙ Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, William Lux, John Boyd, Jeremiah Townley Chase, and Robert Alexander, were elected a Committee of Correspondence.

Messrs˙ John Moale, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Sellers, James Calhoun, William Asquith, Charles Ridgely, Son of William, and John Egor Howard, were elected a Committee for Licensing Suits.

Messrs˙ Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, John Smith, William


Buchanan, Isaac Grist, and Benjamin Griffith, were appointed a Committee to take the Report of all vessels and goods arriving, and to administer the Oath required of all masters of vessels outward bound.

The Enrollment of Captain Jehu Howell' s Company was rejected, not being agreeable to the directions of the Convention.

The Enrollments of Captain Benjamin Nicholson' s, Captain Zachariah McCubbin' s, and Captain William Cromwell' s, Companies, were presented, and received, as was, also, Captain James Cox' s.

Mr˙ Joseph Button applied for liberty to raise a Company of Minute-Men; which was granted.

The Committee then agreed to meet every Monday morning, at ten o' clock.