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New-York Committee



Wednesday, April 26, 1775.

The Committee having taken into consideration the commotions occasioned by the sanguinary measures pursued by the British Ministry; and that the powers with which this Committee is invested, respect only the Association, are unanimously of opinion that a new Committee be elected by the Freeholders and Freemen of this City and County, for the present unhappy exigency Of affairs, as well as to observe the conduct of all persons touching the Association; that the said Committee consist of one hundred persons; that thirty-three be a quorum, and that they dissolve within a fortnight next after the end of the next sessions of the Continental Congress, And that the sense of the Freeholders and Freemen of this City and County upon this subject may be better procured and ascertained, the Committee are further unanimously of opinion, that the polls be taken on Friday morning next, at nine o' clock, at the usual places of election in each Ward, under the inspection of the two Vestrymen of each Ward, and two of this Committee, or any two of the four; and that at the said elections the votes of the Freemen and Freeholders be taken on the following questions, viz: Whether such new Committee shall be constituted? And if yea, of whom, it shall consist? And this Committee is further unanimously of opinion, that at the present alarming juncture, it is highly advisable that a Provincial Congress be immediately summoned; and that it be recommended to the Freeholders and Freemen of this City and County, to choose at the same time that they vote for the new Committee aforesaid, twenty Deputies to represent them at the said Congress; and that a Letter be forthwith prepared and despatched to all the Counties, requesting them to unite with us in forming a Provincial Congress, and to appoint their Deputies without delay, to meet at New-York, on Monday, the 22d of May next. By order of the Committee:

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.