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Reading (Connecticut) Committee



Whereas, there was a certain number of Resolves published in James Rivington' s Gazetteer, of the 23d of February, 1775, and said by said Rivington to be signed by one hundred and forty-one Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Reading, and the adjoining parts, in the County of Fairfield, and Colony of Connecticut; and whereas said Resolves are injurious to the rights of this Colony, and breathe a spirit of enmity and opposition to the rights and liberties of all America, and are in direct opposition to the Association of the Continental Congress; and notwithstanding said Resolutions were come into with a (seeming) view to secure to the said signers some extraordinary privileges and immunities, yet either through negligence in the Printer, or upon design of the subscribers, said signers names are not made publick: And now, if there be any advantage in adopting those principles, we are willing they should be entitled thereto; and for which end, and for the more effectual carrying into execution said Association, we have taken some pains, and by the assistance of him who carried said Resolves to said Printer, we have obtained the whole of said names. But as we mean not to publish the names of any except those that belong to said Reading, their names are as follows, viz:

David Knap,
Andrew Knap,
Daniel Lyon,
Nehemiah Seely, Jun˙,
Stephen Lacy,
James Adams,
Zaccheus Morehouse,
Ephraim Whitlock,
Jabez Lyon,
Prince Hawse,
Andrew Patebon,
Ezekiel Hill,
David Manrow,
Daniel Morehouse,
Ephraim Deforest,
Lazarus Beach,
Seth Hull,
Hezekiah Platt,
Zebulon Platt,
Timothy Platt,
Lazarus Wheeler,
Joshua Hall,
Jonathan Knap,
James Gray,
Peter Lyon,
John Drew,
Jonathan Meeker,
Samuel Hawley,
Jonathan Mallery, Jr˙,
John Seymour,
Jesse Bearslee,
Darling Gyer,
Ebenezer Williams,
Paul Bartram,
John Gyer,
Abel Burr,
Shubael Bennet,
John Picket,
John Picket, Jun˙,
Obed Hendrix,
Isaac Platt,
Enos Lee,
John Lee,
Nathaniel Barlow,
Asael Patchen,
Benjamin Sturgis,
Ebenezer Sturgis,
William Lee,
Seth Banks,
David Turney,
John Sandford,
John Lyon,
John Mallery,
John Raymond,
Eli Lyon,
Enos Wheeler,
David Crowfoot,
Thomas Munson,
Nehemiah Seely,
Charles M' Neil,
Stephen Betts,
Ephraim Meeker,
John Layne,
James Morgan,
Nathaniel Gyer,
Asa Norton,
Eleazer Olmsted,
Isaac Bunnel,
Thaddeus Gyer,
William Manrow,
Joseph Gyer,
John Sherwood,
Simeon Munger,
Joseph Burr.

N˙ B˙ There are only forty-two Freeholders in the above number; there are several minors, &c˙, to make the


above number of seventy-four, that belong to said Reading; and we hereby hold them up to publick view, as opposers to the Association of said Congress.

Signed by order of the Committee of Observation for said Town of Reading.