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Petition of Robert Stephen


Saturday, December 16, 1775.

A Petition of Robert Stephen was presented to the Convention and read; setting forth, that his son William Stephen, being very desirous of serving his country in the late expedition against the Indians, enlisted, by his permission, as a soldier, although only fourteen years of age; that, unfortunately for your Petitioner, he was slain in the action with the Indians, the tenth of October, 1774, by which means your Petitioner, being aged and infirm, is deprived of his only support, and therefore praying that this Convention will take his case into consideration, and grant him such relief as shall be thought reasonable.

Ordered, That the said Petition be referred to the Commissioners appointed to settle the Accounts of the Militia lately drawn out into actual service; and they are to report the same, together with their opinion thereupon, to the Convention.