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Return of officers of Colonel Nicholson' s Regiment


Return of Officers of Colonel NICHOLSON' S Regiment.

Head-Quarters before duebeck, April 15, 1776.

As it has been necessary to make some alteration in the arrangements of the Captains and sub-officers in Colonel Nicholson' s Regiment, the following is to take place:

John Nicholson, Esq˙, Colonel; Frederick Wcissenfels, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel—appointed in the Third Regiment Yorkers; John Visher, Esq˙, Major; John Brogdon, Adjutant; Israel Evans, Chaplain; Joseph Mirvin, Surgeon' s Mate.

First Company: Gershom Mott, Captain; Benjamin Pelton, First Lieutenant, appointed in Third Regiment Yorkers; Isaac Nichols, Second Lieutenant; Charles F˙ Weissenfels, Ensign.

Second Company: Elisha Benedict, Captain; Digby Odium, First Lieutenant; Nathaniel Henry, Second Lieutenant; Francis Shaw, Ensign.

Third Company: John Graham, Captain; John G˙ Lan-singh, First Lieutenant; Francis Brindley, Second Lieutenant; Esia Holmes, Ensign.

Fourth Company: Robert Johnston, Captain; William Martin, First Lieutenant; Thomas Nicholson, Second Lieutenant; Peter Katan, Ensign.


Fifth Company: Ezekel Cooper, Captain; Timothy Hughes, First Lieutenant; William Bellknap, Second Lieutenant; Thomas Pennington, Ensign, a prisoner taken in Canada.

Sixth Company: Benjamin Evans, Captain; Isaac Hub-bell, First Lieutenant; Thomas Maclelan, Second Lieutenant; Samuel Prebble, Ensign.

Seventh Company: Derick Hansen, Captain; William Tapp, First Lieutenant, appointed in-First Regiment Yorken; Isaac Guion, Second Lieutenant; William Blackney, Ensign.

Eighth Company: John Copp, Captain; John Brogdon, First Lieutenant; William Colbreath, Second Lieutenant; Thomas Logan, Ensign.

Approved by General Wooster, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental forces before Quebeck, as taken from Brigade-Major Blagdon' s Orderly Book, by my order.