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Report of Committee on application of William Read


The Committee appointed to confer with William Read, Esq˙, reported the following, (presented to them by Wm˙ Read, Esq˙, of Lexington, in behalf of Joseph Loring, J˙ Loring, Jun˙, Widow Mulliken, and Joseph Pond,) viz:

"Joseph Loring, Joseph Loring, Jun˙, Widow Lydia Mulliken, and Joseph Pond, had their houses, furniture, provisions, and all apparel, burnt by Gen˙ Gage' s Troops in the late battle, whereby they are reduced to a state of abject poverty. William Read, Esquire, prays, in behalf of the above distressed inhabitants of Lexington, that they may have a present relief from the honourable Congress of one hundred and sixty pounds of Pork, in order to prevent their starving."

Whereupon, Ordered, That the Committee of Supplies be, and they are hereby directed to deliver to said William Read, Esq˙, or to his order, for the use of the said Joseph Loring, Joseph Loring, Jun˙, Widow Mulliken, and Joseph Pond, one barrel of Pork.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hollock, Colonel How and Captain White, be a Committee to consider what is proper to be done, with respect to furnishing the Army with some present necessaries.

All the Committees were enjoined to sit.

Adjourned until to-morrow morning.