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Petition from the Assembly to the Continental Congress


Voted, That the following Petition be sent to the Continental Congress, viz:

To the Honourable Congress of the UNITED COLONIES of NORTH AMERICA.

Humbly showeth the Council and Assembly of the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

That by reason of their vicinity to the Town of Boston, and the enemy' s ships-of-war often hovering round their coast and harbour, they have been kept, for many months past, in perpetual alarm; have been at a very great expense in preparing to defend themselves, at least thirty thousand pounds, lawful money, in erecting batteries, mounting cannon, and supporting soldiers, having had fourteen hundred men under pay at one time, exclusive of two hundred matrosses to guard the metropolis, and expect, the ensuing spring, to be under the necessity of raising a much larger number; and as you have been pleased to order a number of battalions of men to be raised, to guard other Colonies, and as this is by far the poorest Colony on the Continent, according to the number of inhabitants, we most humbly pray your, Honours would order such a number of men to be raised and stationed at Portsmouth, and, in case of any emergency, to assist our neighbour Colonies, as you in, your wisdom shall see fit.

The House adjourned to the first Wednesday in March next, to meet then at the Town-House in Exeter, at three of the clock, afternoon.