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For adding an Ensign to, and supplying the men stationed on the Gurnet, in Plymouth


Resolve for adding an Ensign to, and supplying the Men stationed, on the Gurnet in PLYMOUTH; passed JUNE 15, 1776.

Whereas the Company ordered by a Resolve of this Court to be raised and stationed on the Gurnet consists of one hundred men, and one-half of them are to be Matrosses, and but three commissioned Officers are appointed to said Company, which are not sufficient; and whereas no provision is made for the support of said Company:

It is Resolved, That there be one Ensign added to the other Officers, whose pay shall be the same as that of the Second Lieutenant on the sea-coast establishment. And that the Commissary appointed to supply the sea-coast Company, now at Plymouth, be empowered and directed, in the same manner, to supply the Company to be stationed on the Gurnet. And that the Council be desired to issue blank commissions to the Hon˙ James Warren, Esq˙, Isaac Lothrop, Esq˙, and George Partridge, Esq˙, to be given to such persons, for Officers, as in their discretion they, or the major part of them, shall judge most suitable.