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Oct. 26


Head-Quarters, October 26, 1776.

(Parole, Grafton.) (Countersign, Conway.)

Lieutenant-Colonel Baldwin, Engineer for the side of Tyconderoga, and Lieutenant-Colonel Palissier for the side of Mount Independence, are every day at eleven o' clock to send a signed detail of the works to be carried on, and the


numbers wanted for the execution thereof, to Colonel Trumbull, Deputy Adjutant-General.

In case of a general alarm, one gun will be fired from the Jersey redoubt, to be answered by one gun from the main battery in the French lines; which is to be answered by one gun from the upper redoubt upon Mount Independence, when every regiment and corps are to repair to their proper alarm post. The commanding officer of Artillery on each side is to take care that a man is constantly ready, in the different redoubts, to give the signals.

Brigadier-General Arnold will take command of all the troops and redoubts on the flat ground north of Ticonderoga, and of the vessels which guard the boom, the stone redoubts upon the Point included.

Brigadier-General St˙ Clair will take the command of the French lines, advanced posts, and work in the rear of the French lines.

Brigadier-General Brickett will post himself in the old fort, and have the defence of the covert way and works depending thereon.

The brigades on Mount Independence, upon the signals of a general alarm being fired, to repair to their respective alarm posts and receive and obey the orders of Colonel Stark, Colonel Patterson, and Colonel Poor. The brigade late General Arnold' s, is to be joined by Colonel Mott' s and Colonel Swift' s regiments of Militia, and to be under the command of Colonel Poor.

Fatigue parties at Ticonderoga to-morrow:

General St˙ Clair' s brigade, 3 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 9 Sergeants, 9 Corporals, 6 Drums, 150 Privates, for the Engineer.

General Brickett' s brigade, 5 Captains, 10 Lieutenants, 15 Sergeants, 15 Corporals, 10 Drums, 250 Privates, for the Engineer.

Quartermaster-General' s party as usual.

On Mount-Independence:

First, or Colonel Poor' s brigade, 3 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 9 Sergeants, 9 Corporals, 6 Drums, 140 Privates, the Engineer.

Second, or Colonel Patterson' s brigade, 3 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, 9 Sergeants, 9 Corporals, 6 Drums, 150 Privates, the Engineer.

Third, or Colonel Stark' s brigade, 8 Captains, 16 Lieutenants, 24 Sergeants, 24 Corporals, 12 Drums, 300 Privates, to attend Colonel Poor' s, for the bridge.

Field Officer of the day for Ticonderoga, Colonel De Haas. Brigade-Major, Ryan.

Field Officer on Mount Independence, Major Loring. Brigade-Major, Hunt.