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Captain Kinney cited to answer for his delaying the removal of Mr. Franklin to Connecticut, Colonel Read ordered to proceed with four hundred men to quell the insurrection in Monmouth County, Motion to reconsider in a full House, the propriety of the last clause in the Constitution, containing the provision respecting reconciliation, rejected, Secret Committee appointed to correspond and co-operate with the Secret Committee of the Provincial Congress of New-York


Wednesday, July 3, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That Joseph Pancoast be commissioned as Captain, Henry Delatush First Lieutenant, John Kerlin Ensign, of a Company of Foot Militia in the Township of Mansfield, in Burlington County.

Ordered, That Captain Kinney be cited to appear before this Congress, and answer for his conduct in delaying the removal of William Franklin, Esq˙, to Connecticut.

Whereas authentick information has been received by this Congress that a number of disaffected persons have assembled in the County of Monmouth, preparing, by force of arms, to oppose the cause of American freedom, and to join the British Troops for the destruction of this country; and it being highly necessary that immediate measures be taken to subdue these dangerous Insurgents:


It is therefore unanimously Resolved, That Colonel Charles Read, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Forman, and Major Joseph Haight, do take two hundred of the Militia of Burlington County and two hundred of the Militia of Monmouth, and proceed, without delay, in order to quell the aforesaid insurrection, and to disarm and take prisoners whomsoever they shall find assembled with intent to oppose the friends of American freedom; which prisoners so taken they shall forthwith bring before this Congress, and the said officers are empowered to take such measures as they shall think necessary for this service.

Adjourned to three o' clock, afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

On the question, Whether the draft of the Constitution be now printed, or the printing thereof be deferred for a few days, in order to reconsider, in a full House, the propriety of the last clause in the Constitution, containing the proviso respecting reconciliation; it was carried as follows:


Mr˙ Camp,
Joseph Holmes,
Mr˙ Clark,
Mr˙ Shinn,


Mr˙ Frelinghuysen,
Mr˙ Josiah Holmes,
Mr˙ Symmes,

Ordered, That one thousand copies of the draft of Charter Rights be immediately printed and dispersed among the inhabitants of this Colony.

On the application of the Provincial Congress of New-York,

Ordered, That they be empowered to apprehend and secure such of the inhabitants of that Colony who have removed into this, as they may think necessary for the publick good; and all persons within this Colony are desired to aid and assist in the execution of such orders for that purpose as they may think proper to make.

Ordered, That Stephen Crane, Lewis Ogden, and Caleb Camp, Esquires, be a Secret Committee to correspond and co-operate with the Secret Committee of the Provincial


Congress of New-York; and that the said Committee be vested with power to issue warrants and apprehend and confine such person or persons as they may think necessary for the publick good.

The Petition from the Town Committee of Galloway and Great Egg-Harbour, praying that the surplus of the money arising from the sale of goods saved on board a transport belonging to the enemy, which was stranded on the Jersey coast, may be appropriated towards equipping such within their bounds, and the bounds of Little Egg-Harbour, as are unable to equip themselves; was read a second time, and ordered to lie on the table.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, eight o' clock.