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Certificate of Captain John M. Lowe and Mr. John M. Burgess, July 29


We, the subscribers, John H˙ Lowe and John M˙ Burgess, set out on Wednesday last from Mr˙ George Hawkins' s, with some other gentlemen, by water, in order to view the situation of the Ministerial fleet that was then lying opposite Sandy Point; and on our way down we met with Mr˙ Conway, who said he was from Sandy Point, where a party of three or four hundred of Militia were stationed, and at the appearance of a row galley, which directed her course to the shore, and on firing, the said Militia ran off. He was asked whether the Colonel did not endeavour to rally the men; he said no, but walked after them and laughed. He said, as the row galley approached the shore, the Colonel addressed his men in the following manner: You that will not fight, give your guns to those that will. On which declaration every man left the field but himself and one who we suppose to be one Jones. The row galley landed a parcel of her men, launched one of his boats, gave three cheers, and carried her off, without meeting with any opposition. There were several other matters that he spoke, the particulars of which I do not at present remember, but all tended to the discredit of said Militia.

July 29, 1776.