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Company Officers of the four Regiments appointed Committee of Secrecy, Intelligence, and Obser vation, authorized to enforce the attendance before them of all suspected persons


Tuesday, April 16, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

The several Districts, by directions of the Congress, having nominated sundry persons as Officers to the Battalions directed to be raised in this Province; the House taking the same into consideration:

Resolved, That the following persons be, and they are hereby, appointed accordingly, to wit:

William Brinkly, Captain,
Isaac Privat, 1st Lieutenant,
Christopher Lacky, 3d Lieutenant,
William Etheridge, Ensign.
Pinkethman Eaton, Captain,
James Bradly, 1st Lieutenant,
Robert Washington, 2d Lieutenant,
Joseph Montford, Ensign.
John Gray, Captain,
Joseph Clinch, 1st Lieutenant,
Matthew Wood, 2d Lieutenant,
Etheldred Dance, Ensign.
William Barrat, Captain,
Nicholas Edmunds, 1st Lieutenant,
Gee Bradly, 2d Lieutenant,
William Linton, Ensign.
Jacob Turner, Captain,
Daniel Jones, 1st Lieutenant,
Alsop High, 2d Lieutenant,
Benjamin Morgan, Ensign.

Philip Taylor, Captain,
John Kennon, 1st Lieutenant,
Dempsey Moore, 2d Lieutenant,
Solomon Walker, Ensign.
Archibald Lyttle, Captain,
Thomas Donoho, 1st Lieutenant,
Samuel Thompson, 2d Lieutenant,
William Lyttle, Ensign.
James Emmett, Captain,
William Clements, 1st Lieutenant,
John Madaris, 2d Lieutenant,
John Morpis, Ensign.
Jesse Saunders, Captain,
William Glover, 1st Lieutenant,
Pleasant Henderson, 2d Lieutenant,
Thomas Grant, Ensign.
William Ward, Captain,
John Whitley, 1st Lieutenant,
Willis Pope, 2d Lieutenant,
John Hopson, Ensign.

Peter Simon, Captain,
Andrew Duke, 1st Lieutenant,
Nehemiah Long, 2d Lieutenant,
Benjamin Bailey, Ensign.
John Pugh Williams, Captain,
Thos˙ Whitmell Pugh, 1st Lieut˙,
Joseph Clayton, 2d Lieutenant,
Elisha Rhodes, Ensign.
Jerom Machine, Captain,
Jacob Pollock, 1st Lieutenant,
Blount Whitmell, 2d Lieutenant,
William Knot, Ensign.
Thomas Granhery, Captain,
Kedar Ballard, 1st Lieutenant,
John Granbery, 2d Lieutenant,
Zephaniah Burges, Ensign.
Roger Moore, Captain,
William Goodman, 1st Lieutenant,
Benajah Turner, 2d Lieutenant,
Abel Mosslander, Ensign.

John Ashe, Jun˙, Captain,
Charles Hollingsworth, 1st Lieut˙,
Mark McLamy, 2d Lieutenant,
David Jones, Ensign.
John James, Captain,
Daniel Williams, 1st Lieutenant,
John McCan, 2d Lieutenant,
Edward Outlaw, Ensign.
Grinith John McRee, Captain,
Francis Child, 1st Lieutenant,


Christopher Gooding, 2d Lieut˙,
Richard Singletary, Ensign.
George Mitchell, Captain,
Amos Love, 1st Lieutenant,
Benjamin Pika, 2d Lieutenant,
Reuben Grant, Ensign.
Arthur Council, Captain,
Thomas White, 1st Lieutenant,
Thomas Armstrong, 2d Lieutenant,
Denny Porterfield, Ensign.

Simon Alderson, Captain, William Groves, 1st Lieutenant,
John Custis, 2d Lieutenant,
James McKinnie, Ensign.
John Enloe, Captain,
George Suggs, 1st Lieutenant,
Henry Cannon, 2d Lieutenant,
Bhadrach Wooten, Ensign.
William Caswell, Captain,
Henry Darnell, 1st Lieutenant,
John Sugreaves, 2d Lieutenant,
John Bush, Ensign.
Reading Blount, Captain,
Benjamin Coleman, 1st Lieutenant,
John Allen, 2d Lieutenant,
Thomas Blount, Ensign.
Benjamin Stedman, Captain,
Robert Turner, 1st Lieutenant,
John Eborn, 2d Lieutenant,
Charles Stewart, Ensign.

Robert Smith, Captain,
William Brownfield, 1st Lieut˙,
William Caldwell, 2d Lieutenant,
Thomas McClure, Ensign.
William Temple Cole, Captain,
James Carr, 1st Lieutenant,
David Craig, 2d Lieutenant,
Joseph Patten, Ensign.
Thomas Harris, Captain,
Thomas Picket, 1st Lieutenant,
Tames Farr, 2d Lieutenant, James Coots, Ensign.
Joseph Phillips, Captain,
James Shepherd, 1st Lieutenant,
Micajah Lewis, 2d Lieutenant,
William Meridith, Ensign.
John Neilson, Captain,
William Dent, Jun˙, 1st Lieutenant,
James Starrat, 2d Lieutenant,
Alexander Nelson, Ensign.


John Baptista Ashe, Captain,
George Daugherty, 1st Lieutenant,
Andrew Armstrong, 2d Lieutenant,
Joshua Hadly, Ensign.
James Cook, Captain,
Adam Hampton, 1st Lieutenant,
John Walker, Jun˙, 2d Lieutenant,
Adam McFaddon, Ensign.

The Congress taking into consideration the appointment of Officers to the Companies of Light-Horse to be raised in this Province:

Resolved, That the following persons be appointed accordingly, viz: John Dickerson, Captain, Samuel Ashe, Jun˙, Lieutenant, and Abraham Childers, Cornet, of the First Company; Martin Pfifer, Captain, James Sumner, Lieutenant, and Valentine Beard, Cornet, of the Second Company; James Jones, Captain, Cosimo Madacy, Lieutenant, and James Armstrong, Cornet, of the Third Company.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Sumner, Mr˙ Thomas Person, Mr˙ Rutherford, Mr˙ Ashe, and Mr˙ Nash, be a Committee to regiment the different Companies to be raised.

Resolved, That the Committee of Secrecy, Intelligence, and Observation, already appointed by this Congress, shall have full power to send for, and enforce the attendance before them of all suspected persons, and to compel the attendance of witnesses, and to procure all such papers as may give information with respect to such offenders; and that such Committee report nothing to this House, or to any person, which may tend to defeat the purposes of this appointment.

Mr˙ William Cumming, one of the Delegates for Pasquotank County, and Mr˙ William Murfree, one of the Delegates for Hertford County, appeared and took their seats.

Ordered, That Mr˙ William Cumming and Mr˙ John Johnston be added to the Committee to take under consideration the Petition of William Alston; and that the said Petition be recommitted for their consideration.

Mr˙ President laid before the House a copy of a Letter received from the Committee of Onslow County, from John Cruden & Co˙, of Wilmington, to Patrick McLeod, of London, signifying sundry things therein unfriendly to the American rights:

Therefore Resolved, That the said John Cruden be immediately sent for, taken into custody, and brought before this House, to answer for his conduct; and that the Committee of Onslow County be desired to send to the Congress the original Papers respecting the said John Cruden & Co˙ and William Gibbs; and that Captain John Daly be appointed to execute this Resolve, and make due return thereon.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.