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(General Washington) to Major French



Camp, Cambridge, February 10, 1776.

SIR: Your repeated letlers to General Gates, desiring liberty to go to Ireland on your parole, were laid before his Excellency. I have it in command from him to inform you, that he does not think himself authorized to grant license to any one to depart this Continent; that power is lodged in the hands of the Congress.

I am, also, commanded to tell you, that the General is surprised a gentleman of Major French' s good sense and knowledge should make such a request. Let him compare his situation with that of such gentlemen of ours, who, by the fortune of war, have fallen into the hands of their enemy. What has been their treatment? Thrown into a loathsome prison, and afterwards sent in irons to England. I repeat, let the Major compare his treatment with theirs, and then say whether he has cause to repine at his fate.

I am, sir, &c.

To Major French.