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Minutes and Proceedings of the Committee of Safety


The Congress then proceeded to hear the residue of the Minutes and Proceedings of the Committee of Safety, begining where they had ceased hearing them in the former part of this day, to the proceedings of the morning of the 12th day of January last.

The Congress having proceeded to hear the Minutes of the acts and proceedings of the Committee of Safety as


far as those of the morning of the 24th day of January last, on reading the disposition therein mentioned to have been made of the sum of one thousand Pounds, left at the disposition of the Committee of Safety for the support of the poor, the Congress were informed that the sum of three hundred and thirty Pounds and three Pence of the said one thousand Pounds which had been put into the hands of John Ramsay, had been since drawn from him by drafts or order of the Committee, and expended in wood, cheap provisions, and other necessaries distributed to the poor; that, with the remaining six hundred and sixty-nine Pounds nineteen Shillings and nine Pence, the said John Ramsay employs many poor in spinning, weaving, and dressing flax and manufacturing linen cloth, (a sample whereof was produced,) in such manner as to support several hundreds of poor; but that he is unable, to render the Institution as extensively useful as he could wish for want of a larger capital.

Thereupon Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq˙, as Treasurer of this Congress, pay to Mr˙ John Ramsay the further sum of one thousand three hundred and thirty Pounds and three Pence, for the purpose of enabling him to employ the industrious poor in this City in spinning and manufactures; and that the said Treasurer take Mr˙ Ramsay' s receipt for that sum; the said John Ramsay to be accountable for the same to this Congress or the Committee of Safety when thereunto required, and to have the like commissions on this as on the former sum which he has employed in the same way.